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I am a German Illustrator, Designer and Art Director working in the animation business for about 20 years. I currently live in Vancouver, Canada.
In this blog, I show my workbook for a few sequences on the German animated Feature:

(German trailer:)

I workbooked probably more then half of the movie.
In this case Set Design was an integral part of the process.

(You can see more finished Set Designs on my
in the "Little Dodo"Gallery)

I didn't change the format for this blog:
This is how I presented the work to the studio.
(On other films, I delivered layers that were composited into a movie)

I hope you enjoy my work
-I did!


"Little Dodo" Workbook for Sequence 10

The first few pages are not actually really workbook.
Its my inspirationals for the opening sequence:
This is where the traditional workbook starts.
For every shot... 
(German studios call scenes: "sequence" and shot: "scenes")
...you will find the Background-Elements
(BG,Overlays and Underlays), The Reuse-Information
and the Camera Fields on the top of the page.

To see what the actual shot (with the characters) looks like,
you have to follow the "Panels"

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